Wednesday, 6 November 2013

AudioBrush is launched

AudioBrush is now launched and I'm going to discontinue this blog as there is now an official website. If you somehow reached this blog then please visit the official website for the latest News, Downloads, Screenshots and more.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

It's all happening!

The time is near, everything is set for the release of AudioBrush, currently to the iOS platform only - others to come later.

So it's in the approval process with Apple at the moment and expected to be released on the 10th November.

Meanwhile, there's a new website up and from now on that is where everything will be. This blog was purely for ease during the development phases, and quiet deservingly needs an update. Head on over to the new site to check it out: Official Website

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ActionScript Developers!

Are you a ActionScript Developer? Do you have what it takes to....

Enough with that cheese, AudioBrush is looking for developers to add to it's arsenal. You'll be a part of the crew who's going to be making the next best music game for mobile and Facebook. Interested? Take a look at the spec

Essential skills are:

- OO Actionscript 3.0 (AIR)
- MVC Frameworks
- Flash Product Workflow
- Gaming Experience (preferably mobile)

Desireable skills:

- Knowledge of audio engineering/programming (frequency bands, FFT, etc)
- Facebook Graph API
- Knowledge of REST
- iOS / Android / Browser / Desktop experience
- Music games knowledge and understanding
- Platform dependant frameworks (eg. GameCenter, Push Notification etc)
- NodeJS
- Git (GitHub)
- Ant
- Efficient and Ecomonic effects (eg particle effects)

What you will be doing:

- What ever hours you like
- Google Hangouts with client and server developers
- Developing - of course, from your own computer, at home or wherever it is you work
- Workflow management over Trello - will keep you updated on everyone else and everyone else updated on what you're doing.

What do you get? Well it depends on your experience and what you will be capable of working on, you will be thrown in at the deep end, of course we will tell you how things work and get you up to speed. You will not be expected to sign contracts. We welcome anyone who already has a job and wants to be a part of AudioBrush in their evenings or weekends. Our main development times are 1PM - 4AM GMT+1 which I believe is 5AM - 8PM PST, Monday -> Sunday.

Most importantly you will be part of a great up-coming game and potentially be a part of something a lot, lot bigger.

Now that's all out the way, should you be interested then do send me an email or call and we can have a conversation about how we can proceed. We're extremely laid back so there is no need for formalities, just as long as your not in your pants when you're on call.

Contact me ---> Email Ollie
or if you like you can call (UK) ---> 01322 400 119

Monday, 16 September 2013

Progress Update

Hey crew, just an update on what's happening, AudioBrush, from a couple of days ago is back on full-time development - which is great!

Server enthusiast Jon Parsons has just put together the first build of the REST API which will be the core of the back-end so to speak. Before this AudioBrush was only using a rather primitive MySQL database as this is the extent of my personal server knowledge. Anyway the scale of this is pretty big, in it's current form being able to handle around 2mill users and around 20k con-current users - by the flick of a switch - literally, this scale can be made bigger by any increment. NICE!

So on the client side the code to get all this fancy new server stuff working is implemented just need to get it all tested and secure.

The development process of AudioBrush is no longer open to the public, but in a few weeks time this won't matter as you will all be able to grab your copy from the mobile stores!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The leap of fail + GESTURES wooo!

It saddens me to say that the press release of the AudioBrush Kickstarter campaign ended up being a massive failure. If you would like to find out the reason why read the next paragraph.

The press release for AudioBrush was sent out on Thursday 18th of July. The response from the press was great and many of which wanted a version to play so they could give AudioBrush a spin for themselves. Anticipating a positive reaction from the press the Kickstart Campaign was launched shortly before finding out the the Apple Developer website was down since the 18th of July. Thus stopping AudioBrush from being installed on new devices and in-turn, prevented AudioBrush from being played by the press teams. Unfortunately this meant that despite a good response from the press the light dimmed and lost all energy.

As this is the case, I will be taking the project down and hopefully starting fresh in the not-too-distant future.

So I say thank you for your support so far! This will not fault my ambition to continue with AudioBrush, it will be bigger and better than ever!

Iiiiiinnnn other news, gestures is a new feature that is currently being developed for AudioBrush.

Gestures will be a new feature which allow you to make use of the beautiful brush you use to control your way through beats with style. Creating gestures between successful beat collections will give you extra bonus points for being artistic!

Gestures will be available soon to the beta participants.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kickstarter Launched!

So AudioBrush's Kickstarter Project launched today. The target: £10k.

Up for grabs in-return for your lovely generosity is a bunch of limited edition features only available to Kickstarter pledgers, a load of in-game credits and other various goodies. So head on over the the Kickstarter Project page to have a peek.

KS Project Page:

There are some other great financial targets for AudioBrush to get to, which will make AudioBrush even better than it was planned to be, with features such as multiplayer and much more.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

AudioBrush hits up Android

Yup you heard, AudioBrush is now available on the Android platform. Players on this platform will experience the exact same game as iOS users.

Facebook is still built in natively so there is no messing around and music is still delivered in the same way. Currently you will need to have MP3's only, as the current version on Android will only support this audio file type.

So people with Android - hit up the BETA page and get on the AudioBrush bandwagon!