Monday, 16 September 2013

Progress Update

Hey crew, just an update on what's happening, AudioBrush, from a couple of days ago is back on full-time development - which is great!

Server enthusiast Jon Parsons has just put together the first build of the REST API which will be the core of the back-end so to speak. Before this AudioBrush was only using a rather primitive MySQL database as this is the extent of my personal server knowledge. Anyway the scale of this is pretty big, in it's current form being able to handle around 2mill users and around 20k con-current users - by the flick of a switch - literally, this scale can be made bigger by any increment. NICE!

So on the client side the code to get all this fancy new server stuff working is implemented just need to get it all tested and secure.

The development process of AudioBrush is no longer open to the public, but in a few weeks time this won't matter as you will all be able to grab your copy from the mobile stores!