Sunday, 12 May 2013


Another great development weekend gone by, here is the latest vid, sorry about the quality the FPS on AirServer is poopy:

This week:
- Gameplay Updates
- Leaderboards (Facebook Required)
- Offline Mode Complete (no Facebook required)
- Star Power Mode
- Game Settings
- OpenGraph stories
- Profile Pictures
- Pause Menu
- Stability Improvements

Facebook was the main priority this time, there are now a load of opengraph actions and stories which will be published to your wall should you choose to do so. Leaderboards are done currently allow you to view the top 10 players for any track and the highscores amongst your Facebook friends.

I've stuck a release date in the pipeline, July. I would like to get AudioBrush out there on or before my Birthday (25th July), but we shall see how things pan out.

I went to go and show a few buddies of mine the game today, turns out the trains were not running properly so I had to get a rail replacement service. I whipped out the old iPad and stuff playing away and coming up with ideas. GUESS WHAT! Some dude was looking at me play and came over and asked me, "'Squooz me mate, what's the name of that app?". It took about exactly 0.001 seconds for my face to have the mostly cheesy, cocky-like grin on it, to which I replied, "Oh, well it's called AudioBrush". The chat continued and resulted with him being amazed basically. YES, I HAVE A GROUPIE!